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npower launches new Pre-Pay Fix tariff

Thursday 7th April - today npower has launched Pre Pay Fix October 2018 a new fixed tariff for prepayment customers.

Pre Pay Fix October 2018, along with npower’s standard tariff allows customers who pay for energy via prepayment a choice of clearly defined products and takes npower’s offering of prepayment tariffs to two. These customers have the choice of flexibility with our standard product or greater peace of mind with a long term fix.

Pre Pay Fix October 2018 is £75 cheaper at average annual cost* than npower’s standard pre-pay tariff and is available to new and existing customers.  The tariff also benefits from no exit fees, for customers who may have a change in circumstance or change their minds.

Dominic Lavelle, head of product and pricing at npower, said: “Our new Pre Pay Fix tariff has been specifically designed for customers who prepay for their energy, providing them with greater choice. The tariff protects against any potential price rises over the long term, allowing customers to plan and budget their energy costs effectively.

“It also offers customers control, so if their circumstances change and they want to switch tariff or supplier then we won’t charge an early exit fee – this is ideal, especially for those who may have wanted to fix their energy costs during a time of price uncertainty.

“We encourage all customers, with either pre-pay or credit meters to check they’re on the right tariff for their needs”

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