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Car bodyshop owner from Birmingham wins free regional advertising campaign

A Birmingham bodyshop was one of two small businesses (SMEs) to have won a Midlands regional radio competition for the most inspiring story of recovery following a major setback.

The competition - run jointly between Free Radio, Gem 106 and npower Business – led to Peggs Accident Repair Centre, which is based at Stephens Industrial Estate on Warwick Road, Birmingham, being awarded a free radio campaign as well as £1,000 prize money.

Peggs Accident Repair Centre had only been running for 13 months, when a fire tragically ripped through the garage, destroying everything. Following detailed investigations, the cause of the blaze was pinpointed to a vehicle in the garage, which had undergone an electrical repair the day before. However, it was underinsured at the time to the value of £40,000. However, the company managed to turn themselves around and now have a very successful business. The business which has now been trading for five years, employs 14 staff, and is currently doubling in size year-on-year.

Richard Pegg, the Managing Director of Peggs Accident Repair Centre, initially set up the family run business with £2,000 redundancy money. He said: “It’s always a challenge running a business of any kind. For us, one of the biggest challenges and costs is labour, training and keeping up with the latest technologies and techniques. If you don’t have a good workforce and you don’t keep up with training, then you’ll struggle to survive. I certainly see electrical vehicles and hybrid vehicles as business opportunities, but both of these require bespoke training, and therefore that is one growth area I’m keen for my business to look at. Since setting up in business, I’ve learnt many different lessons along the way, but certainly one of the first, was to make sure you are insured sufficiently!”

Phil Scholes, Head of SME Sales & Marketing at npower Business, said: “Running a small business is always a huge challenge. For many businesses, the focus is on the core business itself. That’s why it’s good to help SMEs in many different ways, such as with marketing their business, something they can all benefit from.”

To see Richard discuss his experiences, click here.

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