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Searching for Super Powers - Peter Andre has joined forces with npower to find Britain’s quirkiest talent

·         A third of kids find dad dancing awkward yet entertaining

·         Brummies and Londoners believe they are the best dancers

·         Hula hooping and doing the splits are amongst the nation’s most wanted super powers

·         Survey commissioned by npower to celebrate Brits everyday super powers


October 17th 2016: A sight witnessed at wedding receptions across the UK this year, dodgy dad dancing is sweeping the nation, as a new study reveals that 29% of kids enjoy seeing their dad embarrass themselves on the dance floor. 


In celebration of the bizarre and brilliant everyday super powers, leading energy provider npower conducted a survey to investigate what makes Brits tick. The polls show that an amazing 79% of us have a secret everyday super power, with dad dancing topping the polls for the most popular talent.


An alarming 37% of dads believe they have the ‘moves’ to cut shapes on the dance floor and a further 48% wouldn’t think twice about performing Saturday Night Fever in front of the kids. It’s the Brummies and Londoners who come out top for the bragging dancers, with an astounding 40% and 43% respectively, believing they have the best dance moves. When asked how dad dancing makes them feel, 18% claim that they look young and hip and one in ten dads believe they impress their partner strutting their stuff on the dance floor.


However, it’s not just dads that are causing a fluster amongst the youngsters; results show that mums across the nation are also inducing an array of cringe worthy actions, as nearly a quarter of kids admit that their mum would never be able to attempt Beyoncé’s iconic moves. Nevertheless 14% of mums admit to attempting the Beyoncé booty shake in secret at home.


Surprising everyday super powers can be found in family homes across the UK, with 31% of kids admitting that they can roll their tongue, 19% can do the splits, and 32% can hula hoop for over 10 minutes.


Research also shows that we’re a nation of fitness fanatics when it comes to our super power dreams, as 16% of parents would feel cool if they could back-flip and do the splits and a quarter of kids wish their folks were a bit more limber.




1.      Photographic memory

2.      Back flipping

3.      Doing the splits

4.      Hula hooping

5.      Moonwalking


In response to Brit’s show-stopping talents, npower wants to celebrate each and every unique super power us Brits have to offer with their new Super Powers Campaign. To launch the campaign, npower will embark on a nationwide tour with TV Presenter and family man, Peter Andre. The road show will look to encourage Brits across the country to showcase their super power at dedicated npower ‘super power’ booths for the chance of winning a home gadget package worth £25,000 to super power your home.


If you share a video of you or a family member and their super power with us, you’ll be in with a chance to win a gadget bundle worth £25,000 to super power your home.. People can also enter online by