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New woodland takes root in Chaddesden

Local residents of Chaddesden in Derby can now enjoy the benefits of thousands of new trees planted near the newly widened A52, with the help of energy company npower and environmental charity Trees for Cities.


Volunteers, community groups and local school children branched out to plant 3,225 trees, which will improve the lives of local residents by reducing noise and air pollution from the newly widened highway. Amongst the leafy species finding a new home in the woodland are oak, silver birch, field maple and hazel.

As well as providing aesthetic appeal, the mixed woodland will reduce local flood risk by enhancing urban drainage, and create habitats for wildlife.

So far, npower and Trees for Cities have worked together to plant over 100,000 trees in urban areas across the country. Through npower’s current Go Green Energy Fix tariff, a tree is planted in a UK city for every customer supplied on the tariff for over 90 days.  All the electricity and 15% of the gas that customers on this tariff use is matched with energy generated from renewable sources.


David Elliott, Chief Executive of Trees for Cities, said: “Trees are one of our most vital natural assets, and we are committed to ensuring more communities can enjoy their many benefits. We are proud to work with npower to play a role in creating this new woodland in Chaddesden, and we hope it will help to improve the lives of the community who have been affected by the road widening scheme. ”


John Jefferies, Product Development Manager at npower, added: “It’s fantastic that our customers are able to support such important community projects which benefit the environment through their energy tariff. The woodland in Chaddesden has gone beyond aesthetics and created a green space for residents that will have lots of positive benefits.”